5 Retirement Choices to Consider

Planning for retirement has taken a whole new direction compared to earlier generations. For starters, people are living a lot longer than previously expected. For example, it is normal today to assume that a 65 year old will live 20 more years compared to the 50s where on average, the retirees would live 10-15 years longer. This means that life plans have to change drastically as people live longer and the need to leave a legacy becomes stronger. It is therefore important that all these issues are put in place when planning for retirement

The Need for Regular Income

Retirement does not mean that you have fewer needs just because the pension is a lot lower than your salary. If anything, you will require a larger income since costs such as healthcare and estate protection go up. With the prospect of living an additional 20 years after retirement, there is a growing need to maintain an income that will cover the cost of living. Read More...

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